"The Price Is Very Very Fair"

Mr. Sonny
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Mr. Sonny And Edson

"They Did A Very Wonderful Job"

"Hi, my name is maria, I'm the homeowner. I've been here for like 17 years, I saw the building and was so bad and now I'm so happy with the painting, with the company, with the guys. They did a very wonderful job, we really appreciate it, thank you so much I'm very happy, very very happy.

What I liked that day was very punctual, every day was here, do they job, working, very respectful, very very nice guys, everybody, very meticulous with the details. Very very good, I was so happy, Definitely, definitely the best, I'll always go to recommend your crew.

The best, thank you.

Ms. Maria
Sunrise, FL


Ms. Maria And Edson

"I'm So Happy With The Painting, With The Company”

"Definitely The Best, I'll Always Go To Tecommend Your Crew."

"Everything Was Just Perfect"

"Hi, I'm Stewart. I got his number (Edson San Pedro) from a friend, word of mouth for work he did for his customer who was very satisfied. I brought him in, took a look at the work, gave me a very reasonable estimate.

During the course of the work, things changed, but his timeline from start to finish always remain the same. He just brought in additional employees of his to make sure the job finished when it was supposed to.

There was no problem. He was clean. He was neat. He showed up every day. I felt comfortable enough to hand him a key to my house so he can enter and leave what was at his time. So if he wanted to go for lunch, he didn't have to worry about leaving my house open. Worked out very well...

As you could see, he painted all the walls, he did the staircase, change that, that used to be a wood trim. Now it's all white baseboard, and everything was just perfect.

I could not ask for better. Matter of fact, in all honesty, just before we did this, I just contracted him now to take off wallpaper in my kitchen and paint it and move forward. There's a comfort you guys should have because I'm reusing him and I hope you do too. And that you'll be as satisfied as I was. Thank you."

Mr. Stewart
Coral Springs, FL


Mr. Stewart And Edson

"He Was Clean. He Was Neat.”

"I Felt Comfortable Enough To Hand Him A Key To My House."

"I Could Not Ask For Better."

"He Did A Perfect Job"

"Hi, I'm Lynn Kroll and I highly recommend Edson. He came to me about three years ago when I saw one of his workers working outside on a light in our community and I asked the worker if he had a card. He gave me a card with Edson's name. Edson called me back immediately, which scores big brownie points as far as I'm concerned.

He came here, he made an appointment and showed up exactly when he said he would, and he did a perfect job. He painted the outside of our house. He was very fairly priced.

I've been using him for three years and I highly recommend him because everything he does is very excellent. The service is excellent, so I'm very happy with him. I highly recommend him."

Lynn Kroll
Parkland, FL


Lynne Kroll And Edson

"I'm Lynn Kroll And I Highly Recommend Edson."

"Everything He Does Is Very Excellent. The Service Is Excellent"

"Un Excelente Trabajo."

Hola! Mi nombre es María. Vivo en la comunidad hace siete años. Estoy muy contenta con tu trabajo y tu compañía porque estaba muy fea la comunidad, terrible. Y ahora el trabajo que tú has hecho Maravilloso.

Tu gente en la compañía muy respetuoso, muy cumplidos. Todos los días estaban aquí haciendo el trabajo.

Y de verdad que veo que ha sido muy meticuloso con todos los detalles. Me gusta. Es también como has manejado el color que queda pared. La verdad, un excelente trabajo. Yo te felicito y te agradezco porque yo vivo aquí. Yo vivo aquí y me encanta ver la comunidad bonita. Yo te voy a recomendar de verdad.

Sra. Maria
Sunrise, FL


Edson y Sra. Maria

"Estoy Muy Contenta Con Tu Trabajo Y Tu Compañía"

"El Trabajo Que Tú Has Hecho Maravilloso."